Apple Watch 10 tipped to get these 3 new features — but blood-pressure sensor faces 'snags' (2024)


The Apple Watch Series 10 could look a lot more like the Apple Watch Ultra.

ByKimberly Gedeon on

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Apple Watch 10 tipped to get these 3 new features — but blood-pressure sensor faces 'snags' (1)

Man wearing Apple Watch Ultra on his wristCredit: Stan Schroeder / Mashable

The Apple Watch Series 10, which could potentially be called "Apple Watch X" to celebrate the smartwatch's 10-year-anniversary, is getting several key upgrades, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman via his Power On newsletter.

Gurman claims that users who dig the Apple Watch Ultra's big screen, but don't want to pay Apple Watch Ultra prices, can enjoy a similar display with the next Apple Watch Series inductee. Check out the other features that will reportedly debut on the Apple Watch Series 10.


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Apple Watch 10: 3 new features

As mentioned, the 10th-generation Apple Watch will get bigger screen that is as large as the Apple Watch Ultra. Gurman also claims that the Apple Watch Series 10 will have two variants codenamed N217 and N218; both will feature options for a larger panel.

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There's also some scuttlebutt that the next Apple Watch will be thinner than the previous model (e.g., Apple Watch Series 9). But overall, there won't be any major design changes, Gurman said.

Finally, the Apple Watch Series 10 is getting a new chip, alongside the Apple Watch Ultra 3, that will "lay the ground work" for compatibility with Apple Intelligence and other AI-powered features.

There have been rumors about Apple possibly adding a blood-pressure sensor and a sleep apnea utility in the Watch 10, but according to Gurman, the Cupertino-based tech giant has been facing "some serious snags" with these tools.

Although Gurman is a credible source for Apple rumors, we won't know for sure until we hear from the horse's mouth. We expect to see the next Apple Watch very soon, as it will likely debut alongside the iPhone 16 in September.

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Apple Watch 10 tipped to get these 3 new features — but blood-pressure sensor faces 'snags' (23)

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Apple Watch 10 tipped to get these 3 new features — but blood-pressure sensor faces 'snags' (2024)


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