[IPS] Moemon Fire Red Revival Project (Updated 9-17-2019) (2024)

Moemon Fire Red Revival Project

Rejoice, moe friends and moe lovers! After countless hours battling bytes and pixels, we've completed a Moemon Patch! In addition to the updates BakaSchwarz did to his patch and the updates in previous Moegar/Moetal editions (which can be founded at the link below), we've sprited, editted, and added tons ofcute sprites in game.

In progress

[IPS] Moemon Fire Red Revival Project (Updated 9-17-2019) (1)

Moemon Fire Red Revival Project FAQ:
*Read first before posting questions*


About Moemon in general:

Q. What is moemon?
A. Moe Pokemon. Pokemon as "moe" human-like characters.

Q. What does "moe" mean?
A. "Moe is a Japanese term used in connection with manga or anime to describe something precious, usually (but not

always) the ideal of youthful and innocent femininity. Written with the kanji for "to bud or sprout" (萌), the concept covers

a range of ideal behaviour for youthful female characters in manga or anime."

Q. So... Pokemon as cute little girls?
A. Mostly, yeah. Exceptions are made for Pokemon with a 100% male gender ratio, which will be male Moemon.

Q. I see the word "gijinka" used sometimes. What does that mean?
A. Gijinka is a Japanese term meaning anthropomorphism. It is written in kanji as 擬人化. Basically, it means to take

something non-human and make it human-like.

About the IPS patch:

Q. How do I install the patch?
A. Download the latest version of the IPS file and use Lunar IPS (or any other similar patcher) to patch your "clean"

(unmoddified) English (US) version of Pokemon Fire Red v1.0. That's all there is to it.

Q. I patched it, but it doesn't work right. What did I do wrong?
A. This sort of problem comes up very frequently, and 99.9% of the time, the problem is from using a

corrupted/moddified/wrong version of the ROM. Find the correct version of Fire Red and try again.

Q. What exactly does the patch change?
A. All of the Pokemon battle sprites (both front and back) and menu icons, including shiny versions. That's it. There are

no plans to change anything else.

Q. So, can I catch <insert Pokemon here>?
A. If you can catch it in the original Fire Red, then yes. Pokemon availability is unchanged.

Q. Can I make my own patch using your Moemon sprites?
A. Yes. Do whatever you want. It would be nice to point out where you got the sprites from, though.

Q. Does the patch work with PokeMMO?
A. Yes. Just turn off DS sprites in the options menu and it should work like normal.

Q. Are you planning on doing XXX Pokemon?

A. We are doing FireRed Pokemon, so we will eventually do all 1-386. Pokemon in the later generations are not in our plans at the moment.

About spriting:

Q. I found some sprites online, can you use them?
A. Maybe. Chances are pretty good that they've already been posted in the thread or are in McMagister's Moemon

sprite collection linked in the OP. If you're sure they're new, however, you can share them.

Q. I'd like to help with drawing sprites. How do I get started?
A. Find a sprite that needs to be revamped and use your favorite image editor to work on it.

Q. What image editing software should I use?
A. Anything that lets you pick colors, draw single pixels and save as png files. MS Paint, Paint.Net, Gimp, Photoshop,

etc. Whatever you feel most comfortable using.

Q. What are the technical specifications of a sprite?
A. The front and back sprites are each 64x64 pixels. While it doesn't matter how many colors you use while working on

a sprite, no more than 16 colors, including the background color, can be used for the final image that will be imported

into the game/put into the patch. This is due to a technical limitation of the GBA. It is a good idea to keep that color

limit in mind while working on a sprite. The shiny variation of each Pokemon must be identical to the normal variation,

but has a separate 16 color palette. A full set of sprites for one Pokemon would be a 256x64 image with 4 sprites from

left to right: normal front, shiny front, normal back, and shiny back.

Q. What's the difference between the front sprite and the back sprite?
A. The front sprite typically shows the front of the Pokemon. This is the opposing one you see on the right side of the

battle screen in-game. The back sprite typically shows the back of the Pokemon. It is the one on the left side of the

battle screen in-game that's on your team. The back sprite can have cutoff at the bottom, in other words, the image

looks like it continues farther down, but doesn't. The bottom of the back sprite will be covered by the attack menu in-


Q. How do I share my work?
A. Save your image as a png file and upload it to your favorite image sharing website (tinypic, imgur, postimg,

photobucket, etc.) To make it easier for others to see the details, double the size of the image from 64x64 to 128x128

before uploading it. Use img tags in your forum post with the link to the image.

Q. I'm not good at drawing pixel art. Is there anything else I can do to help?
A. You can give constructive criticism, share designs and ideas, share your opinion, and give encouragement.


Moemon IPS Patch (Revival Project 2.6, for Fire Red)<--- This is the latest patch

Older Downloads:


Moemon IPS Patch (Revival Project 2.5.)

Moemon IPS Patch (Revival Project 2.4.)

Moemon IPS Patch (Revival Project 2.2. There is no 2.3)

Moemon IPS Patch (Revival Project 2.1)

Moemon IPS Patch (Revival Project 2.0)

Moemon IPS Patch (Revival Project 1.95)

Moemon IPS Patch (Revival Project 1.9)


Moemon IPS Patch (Revival Project 1.8)


Moemon IPS Patch (Revival Project 1.7)


Change Log:


9-11-16: Stuff.

7-30-16: UpgradedArcanine, a bit of stuff here and there.

5-1-16: Just a small patch. Happy International Labor Day.

11-2-15: "War has changed" edition. Wartortle and Blastoise SECOND revamp. Poliwag family revamp (still WIP). Crobat, Farfetch, Cubone, Venonat, Shedinja, Hariyama, and Furret changed . Minor edits on Jynx and Sandslash.

8-2-15: Nidoran family (both F and M) revamped. Oddish and Kangaskhan revamped. Minor fixes on Magikarp, Onix, Muk, and Jolteon.

7-4-15: Look for them.

6-7-15: In celebration of Twitchplaysmoemon, Charmander family's shiny variation color were all changed to white in honor of their starter, FFF the white Charmander. Pikachu, Mankey and Diglett family revamped. Sneasel revamped due to popular demand. Minor correction on Ponyta's shiny variation colors.

9-23-14: 40+ sprites has been changed. Many gen 1 family were changed. I'm not going to spoil your fun. Go explore the new world and see what was changed yourself!

6-24-14: Voltorb, Gastly and Remoraid family changed. Gardevoir, Absol, and Mantine changed.

4-25-14: Tentacool changed! Hurray! Weedle and Caterpie family changed. Flareon, Umbreon, Ninetales, Snorlax, Volbeat and changed. Minor changes and fixes.

4-9-14:Psyduck (but it's not up to standard still, will revisit), Corsola, Fearow, Magneton andWobbuffetchanged.Dragonite position fixed. All three starters,Vulpix, and Sandslashshrinked.
3-23-14: Revamp starters. Dragonair, Dragonite and Medicham changed. Hidden gems here and there.
1-29-13: Released the "2-1-13 version" despite being a few days early. I've imported so much in this patch, I've actually lost count. Also manually fixed a few sprites that were added in during the last update (I'm actually proud of what I did to Rhydon).
1-18-13: Corrected/changed another 70+ sprites. Readjusted all sprite positions in battle. Flying/levitate Pokemon now have a "shadow", whereas non-flying/levitate pokemon do not.
1-11-13: Corrected/changed 70+ sprites.


BakaSchwarz's Patch

Moemon Activation Guide...?

Old Locked Topic

Discord for Moemon


Moemon Patreon (If you would like to support)



Credit to numerous Japanese sprite artists, BakaSchwarz, RacheLucario, McMagister, DiaryProduct, Eggplant, Kickern, CrookedWings427,laGashetaHardcore, toottoot and other spriters and updaters. (Please let me know if I missed your name)

Please feel free to let me know if there's any error, or if you have found sprites that are more moe than the ones in the patch currently.

*Trainer Magikarp-tan not included, please feel free to add her in yourself.


(Credit to Kickern)

Edited by Moetal

[IPS] Moemon Fire Red Revival Project (Updated 9-17-2019) (2024)


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