TNT - “Tidbits From TNT” Wednesday 6-26-2024 (2024)

Tishwash: Parliamentary Law: Laws awaiting legislation in the next legislative term

Today, Wednesday, the Parliamentary Legal Committee revealed the laws that could be enacted during the next legislative term, while confirming that the drug and drug laws are at the top of these laws.

Committee member Raed al-Maliki told the Maalouma Agency, “There are many important laws waiting to be passed during the next legislative term, most notably the drug, landlord, and intelligence laws.”

He pointed out that “service and economic laws will see the light of day, noting that there are some proposals submitted by representatives that will be included on the Council’s agenda during the next legislative term.”

He continued, “There is a desire to pass the service and retirement law for members of the Popular Mobilization Forces, in addition to amending the Personal Status Law.” link

Tishwash: Southern anger escalates… protests and closure of government headquarters

Several Iraqi governorates witnessed, on Wednesday morning, demonstrations demanding the provision of basic services, including water and electricity.

TNT - “Tidbits From TNT” Wednesday 6-26-2024 (1)

In a new escalation of protests in Dhi Qar Governorate, demonstrators closed the governorate’s office building and its council, until demands were met, according to video scenes obtained by Shafaq News Agency.

As for Babylon, dozens of residents of the Khamisiyah and Al-Ghazali areas demonstrated in front of the Babylon Governorate Office, to demand the provision of water to their areas, which suffer from unprecedented scarcity.

The water crisis forced residents to abandon their areas and the agricultural and livestock wealth in the most important agricultural areas south of Babil Governorate was completely destroyed.

The capital, Baghdad, woke up to the launch of two demanding demonstrations in Tahrir Square and in front of the Provincial Council building.

According to Shafaq News Agency correspondent, dozens of “whose appointments were canceled and those fleeing from the Ministry of Defense” gathered in Tahrir Square, to demand their return to service.

In a second demonstration, dozens of educators and administrators gathered near the Baghdad Provincial Council, to demand the issuance of an appointment order for them.

Iraq has been suffering from a chronic electricity shortage for decades, as a result of the siege and successive wars, and residents have been protesting for many years the frequent power outages, especially during the summer, when temperatures sometimes exceed the 50 degree Celsius barrier. link


CandyKisses: Al-Amiri calls for the removal of foreign forces from Iraq

Baghdad – Iraq Today:

The head of the Nabnani Alliance, Hadi Al-Amiri, during his meeting with French Ambassador Patrick Dorrell, stressed the need for the international coalition forces to leave Iraq.

A statement by the media office of the head of the Nabnani Alliance said that “Amiri received Dorrell, and the meeting discussed many files, most notably the development of relations between the two countries in all fields, especially the economic aspect, especially after the improvement of the security situation and stability, which encourages French companies and their arrival to work and invest in Iraq.”

According to the statement, the two sides also discussed the file of the presence of the international coalition, and Al-Amiri stressed the need for all its forces to leave Iraq to achieve full national sovereignty. The meeting also discussed the aggression on Gaza, and Amiri stressed the need to stop Western support for the Zionist massacres and the war of extermination of the Palestinian people.


Tishwash: A representative points out 7 controversial points that stand before the legislation of the oil and gas law

Member of the Parliamentary Oil and Gas Committee, Representative Ali Al-Mashkoor, confirmed on Tuesday that seven points of contention between the region and the center stand before the legislation of the oil and gas law, indicating that the seven points are administrative and technical.

Al-Mashkoor said in a statement to the Maalouma Agency, “The dialogues between the center and the region regarding agreement on the oil and gas law are still continuing between the technical and administrative committees to discuss the paragraphs of the law proposed by both sides.” “

He added, “The disputed legal materials are summarized in seven points and are distributed between administrative and technical, the most prominent of which is the region’s demand to include a clause in which the right of objection (veto) on decisions should be in a small percentage, and this matter is unacceptable by the center.”

Al-Mashkoor pointed out that “no decision can be issued except in the interest of the region at the expense of the general interest of the country.”link

TNT - “Tidbits From TNT” Wednesday 6-26-2024 (2024)


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