Wendy (& Abigail) | Dont Starve & DST Guide - Basically Average (2024)

Wendy, by far, is the character I found the easiest to play with, especially in the early game.

While Wendy is a bit depressing to hang around, her sister Abigail makes killing early game mobs exceptionally easy. She can be used to provide your team with meat seemingly effortlessly.


Hunger: 150

Sanity: 200

Health: 150

Damage Modifier: 25% less than the default

Sanity Modifier: Drains -25% less than the default (in certain circ*mstances) and no Sanity loss from Ghosts (DST)

Wendy (& Abigail) | Dont Starve & DST Guide - Basically Average (1)

Note:Due to the Wendy character rework that took place in March 2020 there are some drastic differences between how Wendy plays in single-player Don’t Starve andDon’t Starve Together. This guide will take you through all the currently discovered details, however, as more changes are made this guide will continue to be updated.


Wendy is unlocked with 640 experience in Don’t Starve and is a playable character in Don’t Starve Together.


When you first start playing Don’t Starve, chances are you are going to try to avoid becoming insane, so playing as Wendy can be extremely beneficial.

While Wendy is not entirely unaffected by the Dark, she does lose less Sanity than other characters. Wendy will also lose less sanity when she is around mobs with insanity auras.

Note that Wendy will still receive the same amount of insanity from foods like monster meat, wetness from rain and modifiers from objects that give insanity.

If you are having difficulty dealing with Sanity, pick some flowers and craft aPretty Parasol and aGarland as having these will make it so you do not lose any sanity at night. You can also, of course, just craft yourself a Top Hat.


Wendy is effectively Don’t Starve’s version of a Summoner.

Wendy does the majority of her damage from her sister Abigail who can be summoned as a ghost within 2-4 days (in single-player).


To summon Abigail, the player must placeAbigail’s Flower onto the ground and kill an enemy mob near it. It’s helpful to remember that you do not need to kill a specific mob to summon Abigail. I usually kill some Bees or a Spider for early access to Abigail.

The absolute easiest way to summon Abigail is to kill a Butterfly. Butterflies only take one hit to kill, but if you don’t get the timing down, right butterflies will lead you on a pointless chase.

Wendy’s gameplay can feel relatively passive if you allow Abigail to do all of the damage. I strongly recommend helping Abigail out with the damage, unless an army of spiders or something is swarming you. In cases where you are being swarmed, let Abigail do her thing and stand onto the side. As soon as the enemies start thinning out, join Abigail again for some epic pounding.

Considering Wendy only deals 25% less damage than other characters in Don’t Starve, she’s not as weak as people make her out to be. Truthfully, you’re not going to notice it much, especially if you have Abigail out to help you.

InDon’t Starve Together, players will have an easier time summoning Abigail as she now features a toggleable summon at all times. Players will be able to see how much health Abigail has from a meter found on the right hand HUD. If Abigail dies, she will continue to get 1 health per second while unsummoned and once resummoned will have a reduced amount of health.

Summoning Abigail inDon’t Starve Together will provide players with 15 Sanity.


If players lose Abigail’s Flower they can recraft it with 1 Mourning Glory and 1 Nightmare Fuel.

Wendy (& Abigail) | Dont Starve & DST Guide - Basically Average (2)


We love things that save us time in Don’t Starve, especially when it comes to saving time farming resources.

While characters like Wickerbottom are great for farming resources like Berries and other crops, Wendy and Abigail conquer the meat farming department.

I strongly recommend making yourself a Spider farm close to your base. Walk onto the spider webs with Abigail summoned and started smacking. It shouldn’t matter whether you have an axe or a spear, Abigail will handle these little guys for you.

Just make sure that you are keeping track of Abigail’s health because once she dies, it will take you 2-4 days to summon her again.

Abigail also makes farmingBees andBeehives a breeze. Smack the beehive you want to break and watch Abigail take the aggro off you and slay the bees. Abigail’s impressive AOE will leave no bees behind, letting you get access to plenty of stingers (used forBooster Shots) andHoney for Crock Pot healing recipes.

If you’re playing Wendy and you don’t have Bee Boxes set up or a Flower farm somethings wrong!

Abigail is faster than Rabbits, so she will also be a great way to farm morsels of meat in the early game, though if you have the Crock Pot, this may not be necessary.

Note:Abigail can kill Crabbits and Jellyfishin Shipwrecked.


Abigail can be a bit difficult to control since she tends to attack enemy mobs that are in the area.

Although Abigail’s behaviour isn’t usually a problem, it can be when she brings a hoard of spiders home.

Always try to keep an eye on Abigail to make sure that she’s not bringing strangers home; you’re going to thank me later!

Note: Don’t Starve Together has implemented the use of toggling Abigail’s Flower which allows you to call back Abigail, bringing back her chill for a brief moment. If Abigail is left near enemy Mobs and is not guided to safety, she will continue damaging said monsters until they (or she) are/is dead.

Abigail can alternately be “riled up” so players do not have to aggro enemy Mobs, however, players should still be careful as Abigail has less health and deals less damage than she used to inDon’t Starve Together.


Abigail is stronger as the days darken, making her stronger during Winter, or in Shipwrecked (SW), during Hurricane Season. The reason Abigail is “stronger” in the Winter is due to the damage buff she receives a Dusk. Since Winter is predominantly filled with Dusk, Wendy players should use this seasons to grind out Spiders and other small Mobs that require AoE damage.

To get the maximum effect of Abigail at all times, make sure that you are doing the majority of your fighting during dusk and right before bedtime, and you’ll be seeing a fairly consistent 40-Damage per hit.

The day and night mechanic is a bit confusing when it comes to caves, so be careful if you are relying on Abigail to deal with her highest possible damage. Note that only the single-player Don’t Starve games have day and night cycles in the caves, and if you are playing Don’t Starve Together (DST), caves are always experiencing night.

Ruins will always be part of the night cycle.

Abigail deals ten damage during the day, 20 damage at dusk and 40 damage at night.


Wendy is one of the first reworks I really get to watch Klei play around with and it seems like she has been going through a number of changes these past few days. The newest addition to her sister Abigail is that enemies she is up against receive “ghostly petals” or a marker that indicates that she can take increased damage from Wendy and allied players.

This is the first character that has the ability to weaken enemy mobs, so use this to your advantage while fighting seasonal bosses in Don’t Starve Together.

The addition of making enemies more vulnerable once marked by Abigail is a great one, especially when you pair Wendy up with characters like Winona, who’s Catapults can effectively slay all enemies quickly if marked by Abigail.

The best part of the marking Abigail adds onto enemies is the fact that the bonus damage also applies to Wendy, meaning that she will deal more than 75% damage to marked enemies!

It seems like Abigail’s attacks mark enemies for about 2 seconds and cause them to take 10% more damage from all sources. Wendy herself deals 40% more damage, effectively causing 1.115% damage.

If you thought Wendy was weak before, you may be happy to see that you’re wrong now!

Wendy (& Abigail) | Dont Starve & DST Guide - Basically Average (3)


Although Abigail is going be very helpful in the early game, Abigail does start falling off when you are battling enemies with high HP or heavy damage.

Don’t expect Abigail to help much once the Giants come out in Don’t Starve (DST & RoG)and don’t use Abigail to try to help you kill Beefalo. Chances are you’re just going to let Abigail die to a Beefalo, so make sure you’re the primary focus on big mobs, so Abigail ends up helping you versus the other way around.

Remember, Abigail cannot kite, and a dead DPS is no DPS.

If Abigail is very low on health, consider taking her away from the battle or giving her some Healing Salves, Honey Poultice or another form of healing. Wendy also has her own craftables inDon’t Starve Together, which I will cover shortly.

InDon’t Starve Together, Abigail only has 150 Health upon being first summoned, however, if players keep Abigail alive for at least 1 Day she will gain a spirit level, ultimately giving Abigail 300 Health. If Abigail is kept alive for 2 Days she will gain another spirit level, becoming extra tanky at600 Health. Upon death Abigail will reset to her basic state, however, she will upgrade herself even when not summoned. Abigail’s Flower will show the different states that she is in by blooming.

Upon Abigail’s death, in Don’t Starve Together,Wendy players will lose some Sanity


Wendy players now have access to an exclusive structure called the Sisturn. The Sisturn can be crafted using 3 Cut Stone, 3 Boards and 1 Ash. Players can use the Sisturn to speed up the rate in which Abigail powers up.

Upon placing 4 Flower Petals within a Sisturn, the Sisturn will begin rotating, effectively reducing Abigail’s powerup timer to half a day. I would recommend having a Sisturn at all of your bases if you are planning on becoming a Wendy main! Being able to summon Abigail as you please and power her up quickly is the best perk with Wendy’s rework.

The Sisturn will also provide players with 25 Sanity per minute, making it a very ideal way to make sure that all players on your server are as sane as they can be.


Wendy players now have access to a tab exclusive to craft powerups for Abigail. Each item will give Abigail a status effect these include:


Crafted using 1 Spider Gland and 1 Mourning Glory, will provide Abigail with an extra 1 Health per second for 1 days.

Abigail will heal a total of 2 Health per second during this period instead of her regular 1 Health per second.

Due to its extremely low cost, I would recommend trying to make sure that Abigail always has Revenant Restorative active. Players will always receive more health by using Revenant Restorative than using Spider Glands on their own.


Crafted using 1 Telltale Heart and 4 Mourning Glory, will provide Abigail with 20 Health per second for 30 seconds instead of her regular 1 Health per second.

Use the Spectral Cure-All after battles or in emergency situations, however, 15 seconds is not enough to keep Abigail up for forever.


Crafted using 1 Logs and 2 Mourning Glory, will provide Abigail with a shield. The Unyielding Draught shields Abigail for a brief second and she will take no damage from enemies, however, if up against multiple enemies who are on different hit cycles. chances are your sister Abigail is going to take a hit or two.

Unyielding Draught is great against hoards of mobs such as Spiders, especially because their attacks tend to sync, making Unyielding Draught’s shield extra powerful.

The following is the information about Unyielding Draught from Scott Hansen, a developer of Klei

When Abigail takes damage, she will put up a shield to block all incoming attacks for a short period of time, similar to how the Thulecite Crown works. Applying the Unyielding Draught will double the duration of the shield, while Distilled Vengeance will double the duration and deal damage to anything that hits the shield.

– Scott Hansen (Klei Developer)

Unyielding Draught lasts for 1 day.


Crafted using 1 Living Log and 4 Mourning Glory, will increase the amount of damage Abigail deals. The amount of damage will depend on how many mobs Abigail is against.

Distilled Vengance effect lasts for 1 day.


Crafted using 1 Stinger and 3 Mourning Glory, Nightshade Nostrum allows Abigail to cause night time damage during daytime and dusk, meaning that players will not have to rely on the time of day to deal the most damage.

By far, Nightshade Nostrum is one of the most useful damage dealing Elixers, so make sure you always have one in your inventory.

The effects of Nightshade Nostrum last for 1 day.


Crafted using 1 Honey and 2 Mourning Glory, will grant Abigail with a speed boost of 75%.

Vigor Mortis lasts for 1 day.

Wendy (& Abigail) | Dont Starve & DST Guide - Basically Average (4)


One of the most interesting mechanics that has been added into theDon’t Starve Together world is the addition of Pipspooks. Pipspooks, which are essentially baby ghosts who require assistance finding Trinkets on the map.

Upon interacting with the Pipspook, which can be done by right-clicking on the Pipspook, the Pipspook will begin indicating whether or not a player is close to the treasure they desire. Pipspooks may require you to lead them to multiple Trinkets before they disappear, but the more the better since Pipspooks are the only way players can receive Mourning Glory.


Each Pipspook will have 3-5 Lost Toys that the player must seek. Players will receive 1 Mourning Glory for each of the returned Lost Toys and will receive 4 Mourning Glory upon discovering the last Lost Toy.


Players must pay attention to the way that the Pipspook is trying to interact with them.

When players are close to a Lost Toy, the Pipspook will begin signalling with rings above its head. The larger the rings are, the closer the player is to the Lost Toy.

If players are too far away from the Lost Toys, the Pipspook will signal the Lost Toys’ general location with its body.


As you progress through Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together, you will begin getting access to weapons and spells that can stun enemies.

Using weapons like theIce Staff and theFire Staff can be extremely beneficial while trying to kill more difficult mobs likeKrampus,Deerclops orMoose/Goose.

Keeping Abigail alive is going to be important if you want to survive!


If you are playingShipwreckedand are dealing with enemies that deal poison, whip out your buddy Abigail and have her tank pretty much nulling the effects.

Abigail also comes in handy for killing mobs while sailing and will help protect you when aquatic mobs are attacking you.


The quick answer is, not really. If you’re attacking things with a team, sure go for it, but often things aren’t worth farming if you don’t have Abigail around.

The real reason is that it takes you an extra hit to kill small mobs, so even though your first hit reduces them to 2HP, they still require the second hit actually to be KO-d.

The goal is to make sure you never bite more than you can chew and keep Abigail alive as much as possible.


No, if Wendy deals damage from a weapon like aFire Dart, the Fire Dart will still cause the default amount of damage over time.


Don’t Starve: Ham Bat (1 Pig Skin, 2 Twigs, and 2 Meat) or a Dart

Don’t Starve Together: Ham Bat (1 Pig Skin, 2 Twigs, and 2 Meat) or a Dart

Shipwrecked: Obsidian Spear (1 Spear, 3 Obsidian, and 1 Dragoon Heart)

Wendy (& Abigail) | Dont Starve & DST Guide - Basically Average (5)


Wendy is a character who doesn’t have an obvious pairing, though there are a few strategies players may want to familiarize themselves with to make their Wendy experiences smoother.

The first character I thought of when it came to pairing up with Wendy is Warly as he provides players with stat buffs when they eat his special recipes. Warly players can help buff Wendy players so they deal more damage that is on par with a default character.

Players can also pair Wendy up with Wortox for quick healing or of course another personal favourite Winona. Winona and Wortox area always great characters to pair up with as they provide more sustain and damage in all battle situations.

A fun pairing with Wendy is Willow, as both are considered to be “summoner” classes. Use BERNIE! and Abigail together to grind out resources and help support each other while making your way throughout The Constant. Abigail might be dead, but Willow can surely fill her place.

Players may choose to pair Wendy players with Maxwell, simply due to the fact that Wendy players can easily buff Maxwell player’s Sanity regen so they can constantly switch out Shadow Puppets. Though, it’s also a great idea if players also have a Wickerbottom in this pairing as that will provide you with unlimited food, tentacles, birds, and other fun resources.

The only character I would strongly recommend you avoid pairing yourself with while playing Wendy is Webber. While Webber is a great character to play, Abigail tends to get a bit too rowdy around the Spiders the Webber players try to befriend.


If players are looking for more stats from food when it comes to Wendy, they should really feed her Banana Pops.

Banana Pops require:

1 Banana

1 Stick

1 Ice

1 Filler

Instead of providing 12.5 Hunger, they will provide Wendy with 27.5 Hunger.


By far, I find Wendy to be the easiest character to settle into when you are starting in Don’t Starve & Don’t Starve Together.

The fact that Wendy can grindBees,Spiders,Rabbits, and other small mobs make Wendy very helpful for new players.

I’m a very big fan of the new Wendy rework and think that it gives more versatility to the playstyle, however, I don’t see Wendy staying the same for too long as I still think there are some patches and hotfixes that are going to come up in the next few days.

So I’m curious, what are your thoughts on Wendy? Do you find Abigail hard to control? What do you think of her new rework? Let me know in the comments below!

Wendy (& Abigail) | Dont Starve & DST Guide - Basically Average (2024)


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